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Benchtop Type

S-612 Dissolved Oxygen Meter

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Main Features :

●6.5 inch LCD screen which is intuitive and can show more parameters. Humanized design of operating interface makes operations simpler.

●Omron long lasting and light touch panel can be used more than 100,000 times.

● Meet GLP norms, with auto calibration, auto temperature compensation, data storage, USB data export, clock, wireless printing, function setup, smart self-diagnosis and other intelligent functions.

●Built-in big memory can store 500 sets of test data which can be saved and transferred to USB flash drive and opened with Excel, very easy and convenient for edit.

●DO mode has functions of ATC, auto salinity compensation and auto pressure compensation.

●New structure polarographic DO electrode can measure temperature, salinity and dissolved oxygen simultaneously, equipped with special DO electrode calibration sleeve, only need 3~5 minutes for polarization.

●Combined diaphragm cap makes it extremely convenient to replace the sensitive membrane just by screwing the new cap to the electrode.

●With standard Bluetooth module and support wireless Bluetooth printing to make operations much easier for users. Optional data transmission to PC and cell phone via wireless Bluetooth.

● IP54 dustproof and waterproof housing

Specifications :




6.5 inch LED screen


Concentration, saturation, temperature

DO range

0.000~20 mg/L (ppm)

DO Resolution


DO Accuracy


DO Saturation


Saturation Resolution


Saturation Accuracy  


Temperature Measuring Range


Temperature Resolution


Temperature Accuracy


Temperature  Compensation

(0~45) (automatic)

Salinity Compensation

(0.0~50.0) g/L

Pressure Compensation

(80~105) kPa (automatic)

Pressure Resolution


Pressure Accuracy




Response Time

≤30s (25, 90% response)

Data Storage

500 sets, external USB storage

Communication Interfaces

USB, Bluetooth

Working Conditions  

Temperature: 5-40°

Humidity: 5-85%


12V1A (with standard AC adapter)

Dimensions &Weight

160 x 190 x 70mm/880g

Standard Configuration

1. Benchtop Dissolved Oxygen meter                            1 unit

2. DO500 Dissolved Oxygen Electrode                          1 pc

3. Rotary electrode holder                                              1 pc

4. 12V power adapter (for instrument)                           1 pc

5. DO503 membrane cap(for DO electrode)                  3 pcs

6. DO502 DO electrode inner solution(30mL)                1 bottle

7. Instruction manual                                                        1 copy

Note: benchtop DO meter is polarographic, suggest using it together with magnetic stirrer (optional).

Standard Configuration

1. Benchtop Dissolved Oxygen meter                           1 unit

2. DO500 Dissolved Oxygen Electrode                          1 pc

3. Rotary electrode holder                                             1 pc

4. 12V power adapter (for instrument)                           1 pc

5. DO503 membrane cap(for DO electrode)                  3 pcs

6. DO502 DO electrode inner solution(30mL)                1 bottle

7. Instruction manual                                                       1 copy

Note: benchtop DO meter is polarographic, suggest using it together with magnetic stirrer (optional).

Optional Accessories:



Functions & Specifications

DO Electrode 

DO500 electrode

Polarographic electrode for laboratory and field using.

DO Electrode Accessories

DO500 membrane cap

Combined membrane cap, special for DO500 electrode, 3 pcs/group


DO500 electrode electrolyte

Refill electrolyte for the DO500 electrode, 30ml/bottle.


DO501 cathode polishing paper

Used for cleaning DO electrode cathode of DO500, 2pcs/group

Electrode Holder

600 magnetic stirrer

Used for timing stir.

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